Monday, November 23, 2015

Google Fi phone service and Nexus 5X Phone

   My 2012 Moto G kept shutting down on me and my SquareTrade insurance opted to just pay out on the phone.

   So since I needed to replace it, I chose a to get a Nexus 5X which has been very a snappy phone for me.  I really like the fingerprint scanner that makes logging into the phone very quick as well as the larger screen.

   I decided also to try the Google Fi Network which uses the T-Mobile, Sprint and also WiFi networks to provide phone service. So far the service has been great.

   Since I use very little data I am using the $20 monthly service plan with with an allowance of $10 for data.  I will use very little data so my bill will end up being barely above $20 a month.

   The customer service has been awesome!  The only other company that I have such good service is Netflix.  I got friendly help with my questions about the service by chat within a minute a couple of times.  The representatives were very knowledgeable and spoke clearly.

   Although I haven't even had the service for quite a month yet, I am liking both the phone and service quite a lot so far.