Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Our 13th Anniversary Trip

   To start off our anniversary day I decided to start off with making coffee. I did not find this as easy as it sounds. One container was getting low on coffee so I mixed it with a new tin of grounds. Proud of my custom mix I went into the living room to await the brewing process. When it was done I went in to get the coffee only only to find out that while I had indeed mixed the grounds well I had left the empty carafe on the counter next to the coffee pot. I then promptly rolled my eyes at myself and filled it with water. And went into the living room to await our coffee. Kathy went to get our coffee this time only to find that I did indeed fill the carafe and put it in the machine, I had not run it through the machine reservoir. Thanks to Kathy we did get our coffee.
  The next phase passed our day out was to head down the McKenzie Hwy for lunch and then to Sheila Falls. Our lunch stop was at the Stage Coach Stop restaurant. We met two fun Brothers there eating lunch after their service.
   During our lunch we received a call the Kathy's mom would likely be coming up to the hospital for some diagnostic treatment so we cut our trip short and headed home. On the way home we were notified that her trip up was canceled. So we ended up doing our shopping on the way home instead.