Saturday, August 18, 2012

No matter how you bind it, It's a book of a different technology.

Hardcover for a book of another technology
No matter how you bind it, It's a book of a different technology

 As with all the variety's of paper books, there various tablet types, sizes, quality's and colors of bindings to choose from.
 It contains Menus, References, Appendices that just as easily lead with a click to the heart of the document.
 The tablet makes reference books even more available and easy to search with reference materials from across the web. 
 • The tablet also easily adds Audio books, Dramas, Dramatic readings and Videos to be easily included in your library that would easily fill a vast library as tablets give you access to text, audio and video library's from around the world.
 As an atlas that is always up to date with maps that you don't have to fold back up.
 Its your tablet for writing letters to your friends and family, even sending it off for you and even retrieving your new mail to read right into your hands, and even to relieve old strained eyes by reading it to you.
 It is a note book for reminders, A note book for lectures. Your scheduler of appointments.
  Your shopping list along with coupons to save and a calculator for comparisons.
  It goes beyond card games and board games and lets you play many other games that could never be played within your living room with friends who are are in their own.
 It's even your phone book complete with yellow pages with extra pages to easily add, edit, organize and even delete old entries without messy white out.
  ALL of this within the palm of your hands.
  Paper books and tablets for all there bulkiness do have an advantage... if you loose power you can't read an electronic tablet by candlelight. 
  What binding will you choose?