Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A new keyboard

   I have been using a Logitech K120 keyboard for years and its keys are wearing out causing me a lot of editing.  My wife also is wishing me to get a quieter KB

Perixx PX-5200 with blue backlighting on.

   I found a super good deal on a "damaged box"(looked ok to me) Perixx PX-5200 keyboard with mechanical MX brown quiet non-clicky switches. It is sturdy built with a keypad, 8 macro keys, a replaceable USB cord, and non-dimming blue backlit mechanical KB Brown key switches.

Mechanical Switches
 This is my first real KB with actual mechanical switches instead of rubber dome switches.  I picked a KB with MX Brown switches which is a quieter switch without the click so my wife does have to hear all my typing.

Key Dampeners
   I am using .2mm red MX rubber O-ring switch dampeners to give some sound reduction, but yet with a minimal change in key travel.

Elite firm gray foam keypads
   I am also going to try some Elite firm gray foam key pads.  Or I could try to not bottom out the keys so much in the first place. :)  


   I also picked up a key top puller to make installing the key dampeners easier.
A keytop puller
 My experience with the KB so far 
   I am liking the feel of the key switches and weight of the KB, the blue blacklighting is very bright. I added the red rubber O rings and they do quieten the keys some.

   I installed the firm grey pads on the keys over the red O rings and they only make the keys only a small bit quieter.  All except for the space bar it still rattles even with both the red and grey foam pads installed. I tried adding two layers of foam pads but that hindered its operation.
  My Wife Kathy says this KB is quieter than my old Logitech KB though, so as long as she is happy, I am happy.