Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Our new baby in the house gave us the Raspberry

Our baby waiting for its swaddling cloth to be removed
   My Wife and I decided we wanted a winter project we could do together. She was not able to get into learning Esperanto with me.  As for loading the obligatory Raspberry NOOB OS files on its microSD memory I found my Android Lenovo tablet had the better Zip extraction App but I could not get it to blank format the mSD without it claiming it and moving right in, so I copied the NOOB files to the mSD using my Chromebook.  We got the Raspberry Pi inthe mail today but my wife not awake enough to open it up yet so we can boot it up... oh the pain,  so I decided to blog about it.  And then I have an afternoon appointment ,so here it will sit until we can open it together.......