Friday, July 26, 2013

Nexus 7 now well established

 The Nexus 7 a year old and getting more popular than ever.

  During this last year the Nexus 7 has become a well loved and popular tablet. Many in our congregation now have a Nexus 7.

   Being the Nexus 7 is now a year old, and it is time for the 2013 model of the Nexus 7 to take the reins. The older models are being sold on sale to get rid of  "old stock".
    I recently bought one for Kathy and my brother Craig bought one at these sales. And they are being upgraded to Android 4.3 now as well.  Last years model is still a great machine and will serve us wonderfully.

    The new Nexus 7 2013 is an even greater step up in specifications than last years model was. Even higher spec screen, 2 Gig Ram memory, Rear camera, Slim HDMI, Bluetooth 3. Ones buying the 2013 model will be very happy with these upgrades. Nexus 7's are now available at many local box stores as well as online including

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Nexus - One year old

  I have had my Nexus 7 for a year now and it has been wonderful. Kathy and I have used it regularly for meetings. What a wonderful tool it has been.

  iSlo has been wonderful to quick as lightning to look up scriptures at meetings. Moon+ Reader has worked great for viewing epubs and PDFs and has been awesome for annotating answers in magazines and books. I have found I like epub documents best, as I originally expected I would. The text wraps to fit the screen at whatever size I want it and it is so easy to annotate answers. And the hyper-links to cited scriptures are easy to follow.
  Kathy has also used it to regularly relax with a game of solitaire. I have read and also used to watch an occasional movie in our yard.

Monday, July 1, 2013

The OS war

After I read An Endless War by Jake of All Trades I decided to add my two cents on a related subject.

For the PC for Desktop and Laptops
   I like the openness of the standard PC. You can choose Windows which is easiest, most popular and is cost effective for most users. The PC's (Desk or Laptop) themselves are affordable. Linux is cheaper but there is a learning curve to get it set up and there are some limitations of available programs. iOS is stable but at a very high cost for hardware.

For Mobile for Phone and Tablets
   I have opinions here, and I can't help but let my personal opinion peek out, so forgive me. There are several war camps all trying to draw their own line in the sand. Android or iOS, that is a question a new mobile user must ask themselves.
   On one hand you have the openness of Android(Google) that comes at very reasonable prices and a large selection of devices. With Android you can shop wherever you want, get ebooks from anywhere on the web and even more than one app store is available. Its openness has helped it to be the most used mobile OS out there.
   iOS(Apple) is a simpler device but at a very premium cost. There is no selection of devices other than the current model made for that year. I have to admit this does make the decision simpler.
  Also Windows is trying to make a comeback after their failure with Windows Mobile with all new Windows 8 RT for mobile devices. Do not let the name fool you Window RT 8 does not run desktop programs, there is a proprietary Windows app store for that.
   Nothing is perfect but the war goes on. Everyone has their favorite and they all get the job done within their own limitations. I really wish there was one standard though. yes, variety is good but i sure would be nice is everyone at least use the same standards. I know there are users who do not want choices or or selection to just keep things simple, it is for these users that iOS exists and thrives.
   You can still have variety though, while at the same time having open standards. For example there is the PC which is open to a lot of variety, but yet you can still build a PC off the rack from standard parts of your choice.
   Take also Andriod, there are many devices to choose from with many different features and hardware for use by many different types of users. Both the PC and Android use open standards but yet give their users many open choices. This is the way I believe give users choice, but yet uses standards for all to build on.