Sunday, February 14, 2016

A second visit to Makerspace and my Wiki updates

    On Feb 12 I took our car to Makerspace to show it.  It did not run much since the Motor batteries ran out of juice rather quickly.  That evening when I got home I ordered 9v power AC power block and a 9v battery clip each with the barrel plug to fit the Arduino source for the Arduino that should also easily power the L298N motor controller and its four 5v motors easily.

   I also took a few photos to bring home to show Kathy while I was there:

I have also been working on a couple Wiki pages at:  The first page is for our car proggress.  I will update it on occasion to update my progress here on occasion and learn new Wiki features over time.  I will keep a sort of a running updated blog.  Old blog posts never get read anyway.

The second wiki page will contain any progress we make towards connecting our second Rpi2 to our television set as another monitoring station for our home security cameras.  Also handy to watch the birds eat from the bird feeders and scratch in the ground under it instead of TV at the same time.